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Shall H&UDD modify J&KCOBOR,1988, Unified BB's 2021 or act on JDA for non compliance?

Shall H&UDD modify J&KCOBOR,1988, Unified BB's 2021 or act on JDA for non compliance?

Jammu, April 14: Aafter understanding the issue over UTEIC only by Jammu Development Authority, Commissioner/Secretary, H&UDD Mandeep Kour in an appreciable step, after proper discussions with Rajesh Gupta Managing Editor, Cross Town News in her office chambers abolished UTEIC as a whole giving relief to innocents, whose BP cases were put on hold by incompetent officers of JDA over NOCs from UTEIC but a most important issued needed to be acted by her is now is of non compliance of guidelines issued in J&KCOBOR,1988, Unified Building Bye Law's of 2021 for clearing BP cases, otherwise JDA bosses are sleeping over the issue causing harassment to innocents for their genuine BP cases.

It is to mention here that Section 7, sub section 3 of the J&KCOBOR,1988 clearly speaks that if BP cases not cleared it shall be deemed sanctioned but supremacy of JDA bosses can be observed from a BP case No 1062 dtd 01.02.2024 all NOCs of desired departments stands issued but only NOC of Revenue Officers of JDA is still pending & not uploaded despite lapse of 73 days raised a question on concerned officers of JDA, which needs special actions for proved case of harassment to the concerned applicant.

However, Unified BB's 2021 clearly reads to clear BP cases of Residential Use in 30 days, but on today more than 73 days has lapsed on the said BP case but Town Planning Section is still sleeping & not bothering to forward the issue of only one pending NOC by Revenue Wing of JDA to VC JDA for further actions on defaulting officers causing harassment to the applicant for BP case, whereas in the same vicinity JDA despite knowing the facts of big illegal constructions sleeping to act.

However, an application for deemed sanction has been forwarded to VC JDA for further deemed sanction of said BP case after lapse of 60 days as per J&KCOBOR,1988 but no response has been received yet, also a matter to be looked into along with verifying other NOC put on hold by Revenue Wing of JDA along with pending BP cases despite lapse of time granted in J&KCOBOR,1988, Unified BB's 2021 & needed to be acted upon for "intentional delay in public works", which words has been declared as "Severe Corruption than financial corruption" by LG Manoj Sinha, so it is the [roved case of his directions, needed to be acted upon but whom shall remain a question? 

However, below snapshots speaks the truth of harassment by JDA as a whole.

Screenshot_20240414-193009_OneDrive.jpgScreenshot_20240414-193403_OneDrive.jpgIMG-20240409-WA0003.jpgIMG-20240409-WA0004 (1).jpgIMG-20240217-WA0019.jpg



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