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Divisional Commissioner unveils inspiring uniform of GS Sports Club

Divisional Commissioner unveils inspiring uniform of GS Sports Club
S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu

 JAMMU, Mar 5: In a momentous event aimed at fostering a healthy and drug-free community, GS Sports Club proudly unveiled its new uniform here today.

The unveiling ceremony was officiated by Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Ramesh Kumar, emphasizing the club's commitment to promoting sports and raising awareness to steer the youth away from the clutches of substance abuse.

The event, graced by the Chief Patron of GS Sports Club, Ranjeet Kalra, President of the Club Atul Sudan, Senior Cricketer and Media Manager JKCA Rajesh Dhar and Senior Cricketer & Technical Advisor of the Club, Amit Targotra, showcased the club's dedication to both athletic excellence and social responsibility.

The newly revealed uniform symbolizes unity, discipline, and the spirit of sportsmanship, embodying the values that GS Sports Club champions in its endeavors. In his address, Divisional Commissioner Ramesh Kumar lauded the club's efforts in organizing various sports events and awareness programs, recognizing the pivotal role they play in steering the youth away from the detrimental influence of drugs. He expressed his confidence that GS Sports Club, under the leadership of Chief Patron Ranjeet Kalra and President Atul Sudan, would continue to make significant contributions to community well-being through its multifaceted initiatives.

On the occasion, the Divisional Commissioner recalled the initiatives taken by the Club with regard to promoting sports and health initiatives, especially in the border belt areas. The Club has the distinction of being recognised by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for its exceptional contribution in the sports sector, in eradication of drug abuse and in the field of education.

Chief Patron Ranjeet Kalra expressed his pride in the club's commitment to community welfare, stating, "GS Sports Club envisions a future where our youth can thrive, free from the grips of substance abuse. The uniform we unveil today is not just fabric; it represents a collective pledge to nurture a generation that excels in both sports and life." President Atul Sudan reiterated the club's holistic approach, stating, "Our aim is not only to excel in sports but also to use the platform to drive positive change. Through various sports events and awareness programs, we are empowering the youth to make informed choices and lead healthier lives." GS Sports Club remains resolute in its mission to use sports as a catalyst for positive social change.

The unveiling of the uniform marks a significant milestone in the club's journey towards creating a community where every individual can realize their full potential, free from the shadows of substance abuse.



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