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Shall New Revenue Minister look into working of Revenue Dept and Harvest Inspections?

JAMMU, Feb 21: Standing order no.22 published in Govt. gazette on 27 Asooj 1990 B.K. speaks for procedure for harvest inspections twice in a year, one for Rabi & other for Kharif.  Vide circular issued by Financial Commissioner(R) vide no.  FC/LS/Misc/Cir.2011 dated 25.03.2011 & FC-LS/Misc-CIR/2011 dated 11.02016 instructions were issued for the same but not bothered by the bosses on the ground.


Document is with CTN that if an agriculture land is not used for agriculture purpose for specified period of time the kind is to be changed to banjar in the proceeding girdawari but not implemented by the lower staff of revenue department in violation of the orders.


Tehsildar Bari Brahmna communicated to Deputy Commissioner, Samba vide No. TBB/OQ/2016-17 dated 5.10.2016 that “The land is vacant from last 20 years” but the DC did not bother to direct the concerned to change the girdawari as per standing order no.22.


Deputy Commissioner, Samba vide no. DCS/SQ/16-17/3019 dated 03.01.2017 communicated to Divisional Commissioner, Jammu that the kind of soil recorded as “Mera Doem” but remained fallow(Khali) from year 1980 to till 2016 means from 36 years. She also did not acted on officers for violation of rules is a matter of concern.


Divisional Commissioner  thereafter simply forwarded the same to CTP for further necessary actions but did not bothered to take actions on revenue officers that if land was fallow since 36 years why  kind is not changed to banjar as per standing order 22  is a matter of great concern.


Shall Veeri the new Revenue Minister look into such a proved serious violation of Standing order 22 & circulars issued by FCR from time to time & take actions on the defaulters for such violation to streamline the department?



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