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Shall Director Vigilance look into JDA Malafidies?

Jammu and Kashmir Bank

JAMMU, Feb 21: Corrupt Work culture is an example by lot of officers in the state. Corruption is not be quoted as taking of cash or kind to do one’s job but is also quoted delay in  the job of someone by this way or the other.                          

Jammu Development Authority is a live example of violation of its own Municipal Bye Laws of 2010 for sanction of plans. The Bye Laws in Chapter. 3 speaks as:-

PROCEDURE FOR SANCTIONING BUILDING PLANS.  13. Construction with concerned agencies:   b) Wherever necessary the Authority shall also forward a copy of the site plan and the ownership records to the Assistant Commissioner (R) & Assistant Commissioner (N) for verification of the title of ownership and for a report that the land or its any part thereof is not encroached on the state or forest land. Such a verification report shall be submitted within a period of three weeks and if no such report is received within the stipulated period it shall be presumed that the ownership claim of the applicant is correct.                       

One commercial plan of 4500 sft is hanging in the hands big bosses of JDA for its sanction at Birpur road where hundreds of illegal buildings has been constructed. The said plan was sent for UTEIC  NOC  illegally for vested considerations in violation of G.O.No.   –HUD of 2001 dated 14.08.2001 whereas the same officers have sanctioned big buildings without UTEIC NOC in JMC/JDA which shall follow in next edition.                      

However the applicant submitted all NOC’s under UTEIC but again delayed by this way or the other needed to be enquired. However residential plan sanctioned but again applicant applied vide submit No. 984 dated 4.11.2016 for commercial as big structures constructed in front of her site without UTEIC NOC/sanctioned plans and  in knowledge of JDA but no actions.                      

It is pertinent to mention here that NOC was issued by ACR Samba vide No. DCS/SQ/14-15/1057 dated 20.02.2015 to VC JDA as “The land is a private land & the land use is governed by Jammu Master Plan”.  The land use as per JDA is mix land use but the big boss violated all just not to sanction the plan, whereas banquet/Hotel & colleges etc. sanctioned on the same road is a matter of a high level enquiry to be done by Vigilance.                    

The plan was discussed in BOCA meeting  and  all members signed the minutes except Vice Chairman, JDA  and  DLM for the reasons known to them. Thereafter again in the BOCA meeting of this month all members signed the minutes except Vice Chairman  JDA but again deferred for the unknown reasons in violation of Bye Laws/BOCA rules is a matter of enquiry.


Pertinent to mention here that after the BOCA meeting held on 4.02.2016 JDA managed to get new controversial NOC from ACR Samba vide No. DCS/SQ/16-17/3232-33 dated 12.01.2017 over ruling previous NOC of ACR Samba which was received by JDA on 08.02.2017 after the BOCA meeting was over. The NOC of ACR was in contravention to standing order No. 22 of harvest inspection & Tehsildar Bari Brahmna No. TBB/OQ/2016-17 dated 5.10.2016.


BOCA says that plan be sanctioned if more than 50%  quorum is present but in THIS case it was covered in continuous two BOCA meetings but plan not sanctioned speaks of the vested considerations at some level & can be verified by calling the minutes of previous two BOCA meetings of JDA that how many members signed.


Shocking to mention here that JDA vide No, CTP/JDA/BPC/207-08 dated 21.02.2016 communicated to applicant to obtain conversion of land to proceed is a matter of great enquiry as in the same khasra number,  JDA is constructing a housing colony. How two laws can be adopted in one nature of kind of land?


However, JDA has provided a list of about 100 illegal constructions in RTI on the same road from Kalu Chak to Birpur without sanction plans is a matter of great enquiry, which shall follow.


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