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Pr Secretary H&UDD J&K says "Recruitment Rules of JMC finalized & approved" but Jt Comm(A) JMC says "No"?

Pr Secretary H&UDD J&K says "Recruitment Rules of JMC finalized & approved"  but Jt Comm(A) JMC says "No"?
Cinosural International An Elementry School Jammu

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, Nov 29: Pertinent to mention here that vide letter No. HUD-LSG0JMC/50/2022(C.No 7065112) dtd 07.08.2023, Pr Secretary H&UDD & his team, while reversing one recommendation said that "Keeping in view the significance of the post any interim/ need base arrangements made in the past, that too in absence of Recruitment Rules cannot be taken as ALIBI"?

Thereafter, they have mentioned in the same communication that " Now Recruitment Rules has been finalized & approved" but

However, disposal made in Grievance no  999004506884 , Jt Comm  JMC mentioned " Recruitment Rules are not yet finalized & approved" , which  contradicts with statement issued by Pr Secretary, H&UDD a per above mentioned letter dtd. 07.08.2023.

Now, other question comes on Jt Commissioner, JMC as in one case so much rules are being placed not to adjust on clear post but placing others  in  violation of law & rules by assigning different designation w.r.t. transfer orders issued by Govt & can be seen from signed order from the same said officer vide No. JMC/Estt/6610-14  dtd . 10.10, 2022 by which different designation has been assigned but without any authority w.r.t.  transfer in Govt order.

Also non oriented disposals made by the concerned officer being Nodal Officer, Jt Commissioner(A) in Grievance No. 999004214684, 999004342552, 999004357670 and 999004506884 but not bothered to reply the basic question of illegality committed as made in first one grievance and  how they are entertaining these as final disposals?


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