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Who will crackdown on Jagdish Hans, CTP, JDA for false replies/illegal acts?

Who will crackdown on  Jagdish Hans, CTP, JDA for false replies/illegal acts?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, Oct 7: One Jagdish Hans, CTP, JDA is notorious in various issues of proved harassments.

Pertinent to mention here that once upon a time the said incompetent CTP rejected a building permission with illegal terms & conditions but which were supported by then VC JDA of the time, which are no where in the Master Plan of 2032 but VC JDA preferred to close his eyes on illegal structures constructed near by the same plot which were allowed to construct by JDA Authorities, if enquired shall detect a scam of loss to Govt exchequer by way of building permission fee to lakhs?

After intervention of the Pr Secretary, Dheeraj Gupta, VC JDA was asked to submit a detailed report over the said issue & following which VC JDA vide his No. CTP/JDA/000176/388 dtd. 1.10.2022 openly detected the illegal rejection of incompetent CTP, JDA, Jagdish Hans but had said that the plot is in "PROPOSED ROAD" so permission cannot be granted raised a pointer towards him that how he allowed other illegal constructions in the said proposed and near to said plot & what actions he had proposed on those constructions?

Above all it is a big question on H&UDD as a whole including JMC/JDA as Master Plan 2032 as notified in March 2017 & had JDA.JMC notified any of so called proposed roads?

Had, JDA started the work in any of the proposed road in Master Plan? , moreover scam shall come out for allowing constructions without building Permissions in "Proposed Roads" but none had notified in public since lapse of 6.5 years?

One more illegality in JDA can be detected from comparing the complaint & the reply of CTP JDA, Jagdish Hans vide No. CTP/JDA/Gr-129 dtd 26.08.2023

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