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Shall J&K Govt act on non Compliance of Standing Order 22/Govt instructions by Revenue Officers?

Shall J&K Govt act on non Compliance of Standing Order 22/Govt instructions by Revenue Officers?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, Sept 24: Actions of then Divisional Commissioner Jammu on Revenue Officer/Officials & JDA Officials for allowing mushrooming of Private Colonies in violation of MP-2032 were appreciated by general masses beavause  Private colonizers in first befool innocents for committing providing of wide roads, electric poles etc. etc. but after selling the plots they never bothered for the issues causing harassment to innocents in later stage for building permissions.

There is one more serious issue of high level enquiry by J&K Govt to give relief to innocents that once upon a time Standing Order 22 of Harvest Inspection was issued by Govt for recording the actual status of land for the said time as Girdawaris to be done twice in a year by personal visits of Girdawers & Patwaris on spots but Patwaris & Revenue heads of the said districts never bothered to see the actual status of the land in actual for the said year. 

Cross Town News is in possession of lot of cases where till date Revenue bosses even on today writing Agriculture/Mera doem/Gair Mumkin Khad etc etc, whereas big constructions are existing on the said lands since decades, which raised a question mark on the part of Revenue bosses and non implementation of Standing Order 22 of harvest inspection?

What could be termed a good order, Standing order no.22 published in Govt. gazette on 27 Asooj 1990 B.K., speaks for procedure for harvest inspections twice in a year, one for Rabi & other for Kharif.

Otherwise, as per circulars issued by FCR & Commissioner/Secretary Revenue vide No. 01-Rev(NG) of 2016 Dated: 26,05.2016,FC/LS/Misc-CIR/2011 Dated: 11.3.2016, FC/LS/Misc/CIR-2011 Dated: 25.3.2011 & FC/LS/Misc/CIR/97 Dated: 9.6.1997 & many more clearly read that “Concerned Patwari shall ensure to record the actual status of land by visiting the spots & %age of verifications were also fixed from Patwari to DC level for more authentication but nobody bothered to have cross check over the issue needed to be verified that whether DC/ACR/SDM/Tehsildars had accorded test checks as per Govt orders"

Had some authority verified, whether the orders issued in the favour of public are bothered/implemented on ground or not?

Govt. document speaks that if an agriculture land is not used for agriculture purpose for specified period of time the kind of soil is to be changed to banjar Kadeem etc etc in the proceeding girdawari but not implemented by the lower staff of revenue department in violation of the so called "Standing Orders", speaks of open violation of so called Standing Order 22 of harvest inspection. 

Pertinent to mention here that if the actual girdawaries as per actual status of lands should have entered in so called girdawaris, which existed twice in a year, issue of alienation of Khad Lands in thickly populated areas would have gone, because big constructions including big houses, godowns, shops etc were existing since years at the time.



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