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Does India need to Talk to Pakistan on recent Terror Attacks? :Article by Brig Jeewan Rajpurohit

Does India need to Talk to Pakistan on recent Terror Attacks? :Article by  Brig Jeewan Rajpurohit
Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Brig Jeewan Rajpurohit

Former CM of J&K, Mr Omar Abdullah on 20 Sep 23 said that talks cannot be held if terrorists’ attacks like Rajouri and Kokernag continue. He added that it is the responsibility of Pakistan to create conducive atmosphere for the talks. He expressed his opinion to the reporters at his party headquarters in Jammu. The question is Pakistan in a state to talk? The country itself is in a state of turmoil and the games being played by Pakistan army and the politicians have forced the economic disorder in Pakistan. People and organisations likeof Omar Abdulla are continuing to talk and seek favours for the vested interests. Omar asserted on talking to Pakistan on the issue of recent terror attacks in J&K. In the same press conference, he also said that he has put forth his point to INDIA! This is when none of the members of the new alliance is interested in him or his views. When Mr Om Abdullah says that he has put forth his views and it’s up to the alliance to accept or otherwise. The cat is already out of the bag. Everymember of the alliance is interested in individual share of the pie, none has spoken for the people of J&K leave alone for preventing terrorists attacked.

There have been three separate incidents of terrorism in the Kashmir valley in September 2023. One attacks in Rajouri area of Dhangri near Narli on 13 September 2023. The incident left one terrorist dead. 

The same day, second encounter started in Gadole forest of Kokernag in Anantnag district. Indian forces suffered four fatal casualties and the nation mourned the sacrifice of the brave soldiers. Colonel Manpreet Singh, Commanding Officer of 19 Rashtriya Rifles along with his Company Commander Major Ashish Dhanak and Rifleman Ravi lost their precious lives. DSP Humayun Bhat of J&K Police lost his life.

The third encounter took place in Hathlanga area in Baramulla district. 5 JAKRIF neutralised four terrorists. This infiltration attempt was supported by fire by Pak soldiers from their posts and bodies of two terrorists couldn’t be recovered as they fell in steep mountainous slopes towards the enemy. 

During incidents of terror attacks, impulsive political statements from former CM doesn’t go well with idea of nationalism and talks with Pakistan. When Pakistan is sending their terrorists and fidayeens in India and he wants to talk with Pakistan. 

He himself and his clan has been named in many incidents of supporting the terrorists’ nefarious designs in the state. To name a few: -

1. Hindustan Times dated 08 September 2023 reported, Omar Abdullah said nobody can change the name of the country from ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’. “To do this, you will have to change the constitution,” he said.

2.  On 08 August 2023, in an interview with Associated Press, Omar said, “Democracy stops where the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir begin.”

3. As part of Public Safety Act, he was arrested on 5 August 2021, he along with his father and other Kashmiri leaders were arrested.

Jammu and Kashmir has been on the anvil and has been suffering wrath of Pakistan abetted terrorism. This is even though Pakistan itself is in shambles. Its polity is witnessing the lowest ebb on internal administration and external relationships. Pakistani society or social anathema is bearing fruits of poor economic policies. Economically, Pakistan is down to minimal and IMF has bailed them out with US $ 3million worth of aid. Pakistan is desperately looking for financial support from China and Middle East friendly Muslim countries.

In a recent U-turn Nawaz Sharif compared Indian process with theirs and wished they were at the heights India has achieved. While all these rig a-role is the order of the day JN Pakistan, junior Abdulla wants India to talk to Pakistan ion terrorism. Surgical strikes by India have been the turning point for both the neighbouring adversaries. India has been on repulsing role and reacting to Pakistani theory of ‘Defeating India by thousand cuts.’ The tide has since turned and it’s Pakistan who is in the reactionary mode. More so, India has successfully worked managing internal and external affairs independently and with assertiveness. Repeated statements by affected allies of Pakistan are only failed attempts. Mr Erdogan PM of Türkiye, in his recent statements has suggested mediation between India and Pakistan. It will be prudent if Mr Erdogan manages his country affairs and not to interfere in affairs of India.

In case, Mr Omar is drawing his strength from Pakistan or her friends like Türkiye, then he is in for a shock. India has in the past and even now can maintain its sovereignty. 


It is for the people of J&K to decide to continue to support nefarious activities of the terrorists or report presence of terrorists in their areas to the police and the army at the earliest. NextGen is fast realising importance of growth of the society. Lot of blood has been shed due to vested interests and designs of the jamaities and anti-national elements. Political leaders like of Omar Abdullah may consider dropping petty politics aside for greater good of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They may differ in the opinion and thoughts so far as the views and thoughts are nationalistic. Views like ‘Talking to Pakistan when they incite terrorists’ attacks in Kashmir’ are unacceptable. This is when the Pakistan is condemned by majority democratic world and economic support is not in sight. Pakistan and Mr Oman Abdullah mustshun abetting terrorism before any talks can be thought of. 

It’s time for him to changes sides.

Author: Brigadier Jeewan Rajpurohit, PhD is a retired officer of Indian Army and views expressed are his personal views. There is no conflict of interest.


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