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JKTDC restores Privilege Card facility;Members to get handsome discount on bookings

Jammu and Kashmir Bank

JAMMU, JANUARY 09: The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) has decided to restore the Privilege Card facility for its valued members.

“As recommended by the committee constituted for the purpose and approved by the Managing Director, JKTDC, the privilege card facility placed under suspension vide circular No: JKTDC/GMJ/2462-82 dated: 30.03.2016 is hereby re-instated with immediate effect,” an order issued by the MD JKTDC, Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary said.

It said the facility henceforth shall, however, be governed by the fresh terms and conditions framed in this regard.

The members have been asked to submit their registration forms afresh as per the guidelines contained in the new policy governing privilege card facility of the Corporation.

As per the guidelines, there will be three categories of Privilege Cards including Gold Class, Club Class and Executive Class.

The members opting for Gold Class with 5 year membership will be entitled to get 20% discount for bookings not exceeding Rs 1 lakh and 15% discount for bookings above Rs 1 lakh. The Gold Class members with lifetime membership will get 30% discount on bookings not exceeding Rs 1.20 lakh, 25% discount for bookings above RS 1.20 lakh and below RS 1.50 lakh and 20% discount for bookings above RS 1.50 lakh.

There will be no change in the existing discount of 15% for the members opting for Club Class with 5 year membership. The Club Class members opting for lifetime membership will be entitled to 25% discount for bookings not exceeding Rs 80000 and 20% discount for bookings above Rs 80000 and not exceeding Rs 1.10 lakh. They will get 15% discount for bookings above Rs 1.30 lakh.

For the Executive Class members opting for 5 year membership, there will be no change in existing discount rate.  However, the Executive Class members with lifetime membership will get 20% discount on bookings not exceeding Rs 60000 and 15% discount for bookings above Rs 60000.

As per the guidelines, the Card Holder will have to produce Original Privilege Card at the time of check-in and also provide a self-attested photocopy of the same at the reception desk.

The Card will be non-transferable and in no case, proxy shall be entertained and such practice may warrant legal action against the defaulter.

The card holder can use the card only once in a quarter per financial year. It will be obligatory for the Card Holder to avail JKTDC accommodation at-least once during lean season of each year, availing JKTDC accommodation during peak season only may lead to temporary suspension of Card forthwith at the end of the financial year and the Card can be reinstated/restored on payment of 10% of the membership fee who-so-ever wants to restore within three months of temporary suspension failing which the card shall be permanently suspended. Peak and lean season shall be announced by the Management of JKTDC from time to time in accordance with their policies.

The quantum of discount during the lean season should not exceed 60% in toto, i.e. seasonal discount and discount due on Privilege Card should not exceed 60% on the Normal Tariff.

The Privilege Cards will not entitle for discount on Package Tours, Marriage Parties/Banquet Sales, hard & soft drinks and packaged snacks.

Loss of card should be intimated to the issuing authority of JKTDC immediately. Duplicate card(s) shall be issued against charges of Rs.250/per card.

Aspirants will furnish complete details (bio-data) including his family (spouse & children up to the age of 21) alongwith two number of recent passport size colored photographs of each member with application form (proforma shall be provided by JKTDC) with specimen signatures of each member to be recorded and attested on the said form.

The Card Holder will sign the Privilege Card immediately on the signature panel with a non erasable ball point pen to avoid any misuse or other losses.

The Card Holder will intimate JKTDC promptly for any change(s) in his particulars recorded with the Corporation, like change in address or telephone number etc.

The Privilege card will be valid in all units of Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation.


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