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Congress celebrates Birth Anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in Jammu

S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu


JAMMU, Nov 14: Rich tributes were paid to first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in a function held at PCC HQ. Shaheedi Chowk  Jammu, to celebrate his 127th Birth Anniversary today. 

PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir  in his address described Pt. Nehru as a Great Statesman and visionary leader who laid sound foundation of Modern India. He is Known as architect of Modern India because of his multi- dimensional contributions in shaping the  future of Independent India.Pt. Nehru was a vailiant freedom fighter, a hero of masses, a passionate Indian who was enraged by the injustices inflicted upon the oppressed people of India under British Raj . He gave up material comfort of life and dedicated his life to the struggle to free India from colonial rule . He was ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and remained in jail for around nine years during freedom struggle. Nehru had an abiding commitment to democracy, equality and justice.         

GA Mir said that in recent times Nehru’s legacy has been under attack from his detractors, who are the ideological descendants of the Non- participants in the freedom struggle. It is time that the congressmen and all those who are aware of the great contributions of Pt. Nehru in the freedom struggle and as a leader of this nation, come together to counter those forces, who are trying to distort history, so that the generation to come are not misinformed and misguided regarding the core values that he represented and stood for. He said that congress party would  take necessary  measures to educate the masses about the principles and achievements of Pt. Nehru and other great leaders of this country and expose the false propaganda of the communal and divisive forces in the State.          

Sham Lal Sharma while paying floral tribute described Pt. Nehru as the tallest leader of his time, whose contribution in the freedom struggle and as first prime minister can never be forgotten. He said that contribution of Pt. Nehru to bring the state of J&K to the fold of Indian nation  can’t be forgotten and there is need to expose the distortions being made by certain forces for vested political interests. He also lamented those who try to belittle  the contributions of Pt. Nehru as leader of freedom struggle and as  leader of the nation.         

CLP leader Rigzin Jora described Pt. Nehru as a true democrat and nationalist with global outlook. He was a builder of institutions of excellence like IITs  that truly empowered the younger generations of India to become the globally competitive and recognized. He described him a charismatic leader, whose contributions can never be  forgotten. He lashed at the Communal and fundamentalist  forces, who are trying to destroy the social and secular fabric of this nation.

Raman Bhalla also paid rich tribute to Pt. Nehru and remembered his great contributions in the freedom struggle and as First Prime Minister. He criticized the communal forces who are trying to distort history to misguide the younger generations about the role of Pt. Nehru and other great leaders of freedom struggle under leadership of congress party and Mahatma Gandhi.           

Dy. Chairman Legislative council, Jahangir Mir described Pt. Nehru as a great leader who laid strong foundations of Modern India based on secularism and  equlity , which are basis of strength of our country.

Other prominent who attended the function were S/Shri Rajinder Singh Jamwal, P.S. Chohan,  Dr. Ramakant Khajuria, Chanchal poopli, Uttam Singh Chib, Gourav Chopra, Sunil Kumar, Gaurav kapoor, Ram Parkesh Mangotra, Mian Nazir Ahmed,Kewal Jogi , Sat Pal Spolia, Chemail Singh, J.L.Kaul, Mohinder Lal, Nitin Pandoh, Gopal Sharma, Anand Gandotra, Aditya Dogra, Karuna Devi, Babli, Gulshan Rattan, Pawan, Gulshan, Puneet Arora, Kirti Gupta, Ch. Makbool, Pt. Om Parkash Sharma, J.P. Singh  Geeta Dogra, Bandna Malhotra, Rita, Sushma Chowdhary and others.



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