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DIWALI  time: Brands making Customers fool in Jammu

S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu


JAMMU, Oct 25: The Diwali time has come and as usual the top brands are making customers of Jammu fool and that was confirmed by Legal Metrology team which found number of packages of gift items which were packed in big packages to mislead the consumers regarding the actual quantity in the leading retail outlet chain in Jammu.

A  large number of complaints  are being made by people that Top Companied of India are trying to make  consumers by way of decorative deceptive packs which are marked with excessive MRP as compared to net contents and shockingly the packing date of the package were also different than the packing date of the individual packs contain inside the gift packs.

The products of brands like Creamica, Bonn,Bikano,  Mc Vities ,Bectora food festive,  Rassa food, Delmontic, L'Oréal,  and others were seized by Authorities and notices were  issued to the management of the companies to show cause the discrepancies found in such packages .

This is not only the one Retail outlet , if checked it can be found up at various such retail outlets in Jammu, where beautifully packed items are waiting to fool up the innocent customers across Jammu & Kashmir. 



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