Covid19: Ex Forest Minister J&K Rajiv Jasrotia Joins Hawan For Well Being Of Nation; Article By Swami Ram Swarup

Covid19:  Ex Forest Minister  J&K Rajiv Jasrotia joins Hawan with Swami Ram Swarup for well being of Nation

JAMMU, Mar 26:  Ex Forest Minister  J&K Rajiv Jasrotia joined Hawan for well being of Nation and interacted with Swami Ram Swarup.

Read Article by Swami Ram Swarup below:

The mind should not forget the nation that as parents give birth to a child, then he will protect his health and his health. Indeed, God is the creator of all creation and the creation of the creation. By giving many substances to food, water, etc. All the same does our health and defense etc. If we follow the Vedic path of her. The Rigveda came first on earth.

The mantra is "agnim??? pur?hitam"...
It is the mantra of mantra that we should keep the sacrifice of the world and the praise of God. The rule of the vedas is to get the education of the vedas by staying in the shelter of the scholar of the curious vedas and yoga vidya. Especially by reading the method of agnihotra / Yajna, perform the agnihotra / yajna at the morning with Vedas. Everyone knows that this education was in the past ages in the King-Maharaja and home-home. So there was no disease of disease and no disease. The people were happy. Atharvaveda Mantra 2/9/5 is preach that the creator of the universe is the greatest doctor of all of us. That's why even after a very long time, a patient is not right, even the doctor says that now everything is in the hands of God. So we should trust God that the full cure for the corona virus (virus) is also in the hands of God. We have to understand this example of the 55th Canto of the battle of valmiki ramayana, when there was a severe war between ram, Ravan and laxman, then shri laxman ji became the head of the power of ravana.

While giving solace to shri ram with grief, he said that laxman ji is not dead yet. O Hanuman, you go soon and the mountain which you told before, go to the mountain and bring the life of laxman ji's life on the south crest of that mountain. Rishi Valmiki ji has said here that ?atrugh?t? laxman, who was with arms suffering, became healthy and immediately stood up from the earth. There are many examples of the war on the warriors lying in the war by drugs and the virus was destroyed by the yajna. In Yajurveda Mantra 1/1, there is a sermon that every day of agnihotra is sure to destroy every type of diseases and virus. The mantra of this veda gives 1/2 full assurance that the air, water, etc. All substances are pure from the agnihotra / yajna and the pollution is destroyed. Therefore, when the daily agnihotra / yajna destroys every type of viruses, the atmosphere becomes pure, then what is the problem of the corona virus in front of the agnihotra, that it can stand in front of the agnihotra / Yajna. Therefore, in the vedas, God has taught, that for the favor of all beings, there should be happiness by doing havan / Yajna. Sacrifices only fulfill wishes and showers money. Therefore, do the agnihotra / sacrifice daily.



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