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What is Public Service Guarantee Act of 2011 in J&k for ?

What is Public Service Guarantee Act of 2011 in J&K for ?

JAMMU, Aug 6: Government issued orders to ease the problems of  peoples of J&K to get their jobs done by the different Departments within prescribed period of time. It is the need of the day to enquire whether the said Government order is being implemented on the ground or just made an eye wash by the officers.

One example of non-compliance of the said order has been noticed, In the said Act  it speaks for issuance of Fard of land within 10 days but one Patwari of Samba District has been approached by one applicant since last 17 days but the Patwari did not bothered for. The applicant also informed that Tehsildar on the same day directed the Patwari to do the needful within two days but that two days did not ended till today

The matter of non compliance has been informed to the concerned Tehsildar& in  turn the said officer also asked the Patwari to do the needful but in one pretext or  the other the big boss Patwari lingering the issuance of Fard till today.However the telephonic conversations of the Patwari are also with the applicatnt, which shall be publicized in next edition, if the applicant will not get the Fard with in a day or so. 



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