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Regional Autonomy need of hour for Jammu and other regions for peace & equitable  development: Sham Sharma

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JAMMU, Sep 14: Sham lal sharma Sr Vice President J&K PCC and Former Minister Congress said that now the time has come to grant regional autonomy to Jammu and other  regions of the state in order to put an end to the disparity among the three regions and to frustrate designs of disintegrating the State. He observed that granting regional autonomy would help in empowering all regions and  of the State.

In a statement issued here today Mr Sharma reminded that in the Working Group headed by Justice   Sehageer  had recommended regional autonomous council. While recommending this the all parties of the state were taken on board.

Sham further said that the National conference, off late, is also in favour of granting regional autonomy to all the three regions of the state. Sham further said that allowing regional autonomy has been enjoined in congress party's manifesto for the years 2008 and 2014. Besides, the congress party raised this issue both in and outside the state assembly vociferously.  He further said that the BJP which is in alliance with the PDP is already in favour said demand.Since all the parties are in favour of granting regional autonomy, it is high time for the central govt. to grant regional autonomy to all the three regions which will pave way for peace and tranquality in the state.

Highlighting the discrimination meted to the people of Jammu region Sh Sham Lal said that the people of Jammu region suffered in all walks of life—in development activities, in services and in allocation of funds. 

Sham said that all the political parties in the State are advocating for regional autonomy  in order to ensure equitable development  & political empowerment in all the regions. He said that there is anger amongst the people of Jammu Region due to discrimination with them. These people feel in case   the regional autonomy is granted to all the three regions of state, there will be no  discrimination whatsoever in any region and will also go a long way in ensuring development in the state.

 Sh Sharma said that it is heartening to note that there is consensus among all the parties for granting regional autonomy to Jammu region.He further  urged central government to do needful at the right earnest,so that regional discrimination will be put to an end.It has been also seen that as and when there is  disturbance in Kashmir Valley, there has always been it's impact on Jammu and Ladakh regions. The economy of these regions gets shattered. The inflow of tourists gets worst effected.


He said that regional councils can only address the grievances of the people of the region.

“There is no other solution except regional council for Jammu to end discrimination,” he added.


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