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CAT orders to release salary of DC Jammu

CAT orders to release salary of DC Jammu

Jammu, June 15: In M.A./553/2024 (JAMMU) In T.A./2301/2020 titled D/O GENERAL ADMINISTRATION UT OF J&K Vs ANIL KUMAR For Applicant(s) after hearing CAT ordered as under:-

M.A. No. 553 of 2024 M.A. No. 553 of 2024 has been filed on behalf of the Respondent Department by Mr. Hunar Gupta, learned D.A.G. making therein a prayer for recalling of order dated 10.06.2024, with further prayer to release the salary of the Respondent No. 2 i.e. Chairman, District Level Class-IV Appointment Committee(Deputy Commissioner, Jammu).

For the reasons stated therein, the above Miscellaneous Application is allowed. Accordingly, the order dated 10.06.2024 by virtue of which the salary of the Erring Officer i.e. the Deputy Commissioner, Jammu was stopped with immediate effect for not complying the orders of the Court despite availing sufficient time and opportunities, is hereby recalled as the order passed by the Court has been complied with and the reply is also filed.

Further, the D.D.O. concerned is directed to release the Salary of Respondent No. 2 i.e. (Deputy Commissioner, Jammu)/Chairman, District Level Class-IV Appointment Committee with immediate effect, after the receipt of certified copy of this order.

With the above directions, the Miscellaneous Application No. 553 of 2024 stands disposed of.



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