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Opposition getting impatient of working present government : PDP

Opposition getting impatient of working present government : PDP

SRINAGAR, July 29: PDP Chief spokesperson and Senior Leader, Dr.Mehboob Beg has reacted sharply to the recent comments made by the 'Opposition' calling the present alliance as an 'Opportunistic Alliance'.Dr.Mehboob Beg has expressed his surprise at the opposition getting so impatient when not even a single 'working season' has passed ever since the present dispensation took over. Dr.Mehboob Beg reminded the opposition that it was only in June that the first round of all the District Development Board meetings had been concluded in which sweeping decisions were taken and the same were made 'time bound' by the Hon'ble Chief Minister. It was further pointed-out that the working on many roads had started on a war footing despite unfavourable weather.  Dr.Beg said it was childish on part of the Opposition to start getting so impatient while it was incharge of the state for six years prior to this, with representation in the Central Government as well. Dr.Beg underlined that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had elected a Government for six years and any attempt to pre-judge the performance of the Government was not only being opportunistic but also a disregard to the verdict of the people.

Dr.Beg said that calling the ruling coalition as an 'Opportunistic Alliance' was a disrespect to the people of the state and that the ruling alliance was only a manifestation of the desire of the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Dr.Beg said that one could not disregard the sentiments of either the people of Kashmir or the people of Jammu as it is one unit and shall continue to be so.

The former Parliamentarian also reaffirmed the clear cut promise made by the Honb'le Chief Minister that all the relief and rehabilitation work (with regard to the 2014 floods) shall be concluded by the end of this year. Dr.Beg also pointed-out that it does not behove the opposition to talk on the removal of AFSPA when all they could do during their tenure was to keep telling the people that the draconian law would go. The PDP Chief spokesperson further clarified that PDP stood committed to the removal of AFSPA as well as safeguarding Article 370 and further that the Opposition having surrendered the autonomy of JK Bank, given away prestigious power projects had no moral authority to sermonize anyone in this regard.The Chief Spokesperson said that the opposition would be better advised to play the role of a 'constructive opposition' rather than indulging in petty politics.


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