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Shall VC Jammu Dev Authority act for violation of COBO Act/UBBL 2021 or write to Govt to modify?

Shall VC Jammu Dev Authority act for violation of COBO Act/UBBL 2021 or write to Govt to modify?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, May 26:There are countless questions on JMC/JDA but Mandeep Kour, Comm/Secy, H&UDD, Rahul Yadav , Commissioner JMC & Bhawani Rakwal, VC JDA are trying their level best to streamline the system but some black sheeps in the department are still on the same process of playing delay tactics causing harassment to public for their genuine works.

Pertinent to mention here that COBO Act clearly reads of deemed sanction of Building Permission cases, if not decided in 60 days & thereafter Unified Building Bye Laws of 2021 also reads of sanction of BP cases in 30 days along with NOC time but these both are not bothered on ground especially in JDA,  a serious issue to be looked into causing loss to Govt Exchequer on one side by way of BP fee & other taxes on the fault of Town Planning Section.

Above all such kind of acts of withholding BP cases after lapse of schedule time granted by Govt causing mushrooming of illegal constructions without BP Fee to JMC/JDA but on the fault of concerned officers & CTN is in possession of countless such constructions, which has caused loss to JDA on fault of TP section for sleeping on BP cases?

However, if VC JDA call details of BP cases pending in his office despite time lapsed as prescribed in UBBL of 2021 or COBO Act shall speak the work culture in TP Section of his office or request Govt to modify the terms & conditions of sanction of BP cases in COBO Act & UBBL of 2021 & let the public be harassed in the hands of TP Section & concerned NOC issuing officers & mushrooming of illegal constructions carry on causing loss to Govt to crores per year.

It is needed to be looked into that, whether head of TP section bothered to inform VC for pending NOCs by concerned after lapse of prescribed time period for issuing NOC or silent  delay tactics, 

However, an illegally rejected BP case vide No 1039-41 dtd. 02.02.2021 by quoting wrong observations/proposed road by JDA is still waiting for its final approval & actions on defaulting officers, proving their incompetence & lack of knowledge for which the VC JDA submitted report to Govt vide No JDA/CTP/000176/388 Dtd. 1.10.2022?

It is also to be looked into by VC JDA that under which law, Town Planning Section of JDA is asking applicants for additional Affidavit & certificates after sanction/approval of BP case by VC, if needed should have been added in check list or just to play delay tactics to show powers?



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