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Kaka emerges champion in Gharota wrestling contest

Kaka emerges champion in Gharota wrestling contest
S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu

NAGROTA MARCH 09- Kaka defeated Sethi in the close wrestling competition played at Marjali Dharam Khoo, Gharota in Nagrota Assembly Constituency this evening. and emerged the 2023-Champion. In all, 60 bouts were held during the competition, which was hugely acclaimed and applauded by the fans. Speaking at a prize giving ceremony, Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana expressed happiness over wrestling continuing to evolve and adapt to changing times in this part of the country as well.

“The momentum of wrestling is not showing signs of slow down because of the thrill, entertainment and camaraderie of the oldest sport”, Mr Rana said adding that the wrestling remains a passion for its practitioners and fans whose number is no less, notwithstanding the challenge being posed by other popular games. He said the enthusiasm among the wrestling fans is reassuring that the game holds big promise for talented youth. From grassroots competitions to high-profile events, the popularity of wrestling is on the rise. Its resurgence is its ability to showcase athleticism, he added.

Mr Devender Rana congratulated the competitors for making the event live and breath-taking by putting in their best in the competition. He assured the participating wrestlers all encouragement, saying Nagrota Constituency has emerged as a most favoured destination for wrestling competitions. This will certainly motivate the youngsters by watching veterans in action, he added. Mr Rana also expressed hope that the fierce competition between prominent wrestlers will provide much needed motivation and inspiration to the budding wrestlers, who have been putting their hard toil to excel in the sport.

He urged the youngsters to participate in the game in a big way and prepare for various national and international events with a sense of commitment. He complimented the organizers for holding the event and sports lovers for cheering up the wrestlers, saying encouragement inspires them to give their best. He wished the participating wrestlers success in their chosen field and exhorted them to take away time for giving necessary tips to the budding sportspersons in the field.



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