Govt. Issued Guidelines For 'Self Help Group Of Engineers Scheme' 

Jammu, Feb 21: JK Govt. issued guidelines for self help groups vide Government Order No. 14-L&E of 2017 D a t e d: 20-02-2017 & the order reads as:-
Sanction is hereby accorded to the adoption of the following guidelines to regulate the implementation of the Self Help Group of Engineers Scheme in an effective manner: 
1. Scheme: "Self Help Group of Engineers" 
2. Objective: To organize unemployed engineers of the State into groups to self employ them by providing them gainful sources of livelihood in the shape of work contracts in the Works/Development Departments as an alternative to Government jobs, as also to create/promote group culture among them for their 
socio-economic empowerment to generate employment opportunities for others as well. The spirit behind the scheme is to create an atmosphere of handholding, accommodation and encouragement. The officers of various Departments shall help these Self Help Groups to achieve the cherished goal of 
providing self-employment opportunities to the unemployed engineers. 
3. Applicability: 
The Scheme shall be applicable to the unemployed engineers of J&K State possessing the following qualification : 
(i) Bachelor's degree in Engineering/ Technology/Architecture in any branch of engineering from any recognized Institute / College / University of l&K State or any other State or Union Territory in India; OR (ii) Three years diploma in any branch of engineering from J&K State Board of Technical Education or from any other Institute/College affiliated to /recognized by the Board of Technical Education of any other Statelunion Territory in India or from any recognized 
College/University.  4. The unemployed engineers shall be required to organize themselves into Self Help Groups of 4 to 10 members. 4.1 Eligibility: 
An engineer shall be eligible to become a member of a Self Help Group (SHG) provided helshe is: i. A permanent resident of J&K State. ii. Is not working permanently or temporarily in any Government/Semi-Government Department /Agency /Autonomous Body or Private Organization; and produces a certificate to this effect from Deputy Director/Assistant Director Employment of the concerned district;  iii. Is registered with District Employment and Counselling Centre (DE&CC) of his/her district;  iv. Is above 21 years but less than 45 years of age; and v. Is not a member of any other Self Help Group. 4.2 Number of Members: 
A Self Help Group of engineers shall have minimum of four and maximum of 10 members, provided that 40% of the members of the group shall necessarily have a degree in Civil/ Mechanical/Electrical / Architectural Engineering. Whereas,60°/o can have any degree or diploma in any branch of engineering. Besides, it shall be mandatory to have one engineer having degree/ diploma in Electrical Engineering all the times in the group for all electrical works. Provided further 
that while forming a Self Help Group, group affinity and homogenity shall be, as for as possible, kept in view to ensure cohesiveness of the group and minimize the chances of its breaking.  4.3 Where to form a arouD: An unemployed engineer can be a member of only one SHG in the district of his/her domicile or where 
helshe is normally residing for the last two years. To that effect, he shall produce Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC).In case he is living in some other district, heishe will produce NOC from the DE&CC of other district, i.e. the district of domicile or where he presently resides, as the case may be. 4.4 Undertakinag:  Every member of a Self Help Group shall furnish an undertaking to the effect that:i. He/she is not employed in any Government/semi-Government Department /Agency/Autonomous Body or any Private Agency/ Company nor is he/ she engaged in any other Business/Profession; ii. He /She has a valid degree/diploma in (branch) engineering.   iii. He /She is not a member of any other SHG;   and iv. He/ She has willingly opted for  self-employment as an alternative to Government job and will not opt for government employment as long as he is or continues to be a member of SHG. 4.5 Grouo Leader: Every Self Help Group shall be led by a group leader elected unanimously as leader by all the members through a resolution. Group leader and one member of the group shall sign on the paper / correspondence to be exchanged with the departments/authorities. However, for drawl of agreements with departments, each member of the group shall have to sign compulsorily. 5. Registration of a Self Help Group: 5.1 Execution of Partnership Deed The members of the SHG shall execute a 
Partnership Deed in terms of J&K Partnership Act and get it registered in accordance with the provisions of the Act. Besides spelling out other terms and conditions, the Partnership Deed shall specifically mention the following: i. Name of the Self Help Group. ii. That the Self Help Group is being formed 
under the 'Self Help Group of Engineers Scheme" of the State Government. iii. That the rights and duties of the partners shall be equal as determined by the contract between the partners. 5.2 The SHG shall submit an application to the Deputy Director/Assistant Director Employment of the district concerned for registration of a Self Help Group . The application for registration shall be accompanied by: i. Registered Partnership Deed (in original) with one Photostat copy. 
Rest can be downloaded from GAD site



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