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Shall H&UDD J&K act on CLU issue?

Shall H&UDD J&K act on CLU issue?
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Rajesh Gupta

JAMMU, Nov29: Shall H&UDD J&K look into the issue of Change of Land use (CLU)

Experts said that government need to take some decisions on refund of CLU money to Applicants in case Building Permission is rejected on technical grounds.

Insiders told Cross Town News that Building Permission can only be sanctioned , if Change of Land Use is processed in Jammu Development Authority.

Let us consider an example where an Applicant pays CLU , and his Building permission is rejcetd later on due to what so ever reason, what the Applicant will do with CLU?

Is there any proceudre of refunding the CLU amount? Whther the H&UDD has done study on this issue?

The issues on "Proposed Roads" in Master Plan of 2032 also need to be clarified , which is still hanging since years as such roads are not notified 
 and also BYE LAWS in UBBL of 2021 , which are causing harassment to innocents for their BP permissions.


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