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Sumlar belt emerging as Trout Hub of Bandipora

 Sumlar belt emerging as Trout Hub of Bandipora

BANDIPORA, NOVEMBER 04: With the implementation of various government schemes, Fisheries department Bandipora has brought significant change in fisheries growth and economic development in the district.

Young people like Basit, a 21-year-old trainee journalist from Sumlar village in Bandipora district, are making a positive impact in the Bandipora fisheries sector. Basit, along with his uncle, is setting up fish farms in different areas of Bandipora, creating jobs for local youth.

They established a 'Trout Farm' in their village supported by the Fisheries Department of Jammu and Kashmir. Trout is a valuable cold-cum-freshwater fish that thrives in the region's ideal conditions.

To boost their business, Basit set up a selling pond on the Srinagar-Bandipora highway, attracting customers and increasing their success. Basit, a journalism student, mentioned that they found satisfaction in government schemes over the past four years for the development of the fisheries sector.

With guidance from the Fisheries Department and subsidies provided by the department, Basit and his uncle expanded their venture. Presently, Basit is not only supporting his family but also employing other youth directly and benefiting others indirectly through his trade.

He expressed gratitude to the Fisheries Department for their support and timely advice which results in profitable returns from his fisheries business unit.

Basit’s venture encourages other young people to take advantage of government schemes for employment opportunities.

Basit and his uncle have not only developed their farm but have also provided good-paying jobs to other youth engaged in their farm. This initiative showcases the positive impact of youth-driven employment schemes.

Inam ul Haq, resource person of Fisheries department informed that the department is running two prominent schemes Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) and Aquaculture Development schemes besides other youth engagement programmes.

He said Under PMMSY   the department provides two types of units, trout and carp units for which 40 percent of project cost is Government Assistance and 60 percent is beneficiary share.

Inam informed that Cost of trout unit is 5.5 lakh for which 2.2 lakh is provided by Fisheries department, 1.2 lakh for construction cost and 1 lac as input cost of feed, seed and equipment.

Moreover, the Government has launched Holistic Agriculture Development Programme (HADP) under which 15 units (14 trout and 1 carp unit) have been sanctioned recently in Bandipora involving local unemployed youth.

Further, the department has also introduced innovative units of Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) for which 50 percent subsidy is provided by the department which is an intensive high density fish culture.

Inam ul Haq said the district Bandipora Fisheries department has established 136 units including 69 trout units and 67carp units.

He said the Sumlar belt of Bandipora is emerging as the Trout Hub of Bandipora with the establishment of 28 trout units.

He urged youth to come forward and avail benefits of various Government schemes to improve their livelihoods and ensure sustainable future.



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