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Without addressing caste issue social justice near impossible: Tony

Without addressing caste issue social justice near impossible: Tony
S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu

RS PURA, October 3: Taranjit Singh Tony, Congress leader and DDC Member Suchetgarh Constituency on Tuesday demanded caste based census across the country to ensure social justice to OBCs, SCs and STs, as present set-up envisages policies without taking into consideration the needs of underprivileged segments of society.

While interacting with people of RS Pura today, the Congress leader said that without ending the caste-blindness in the policy making it is near impossible to address the issues of OBCs, SCs and STs, and ensure social justice.

He said that over seven decades have passed but the aforesaid communities never get what they deserved and now Bihar Government paving the way through caste-based census has acted as beacon of light for all making it necessary to emulate its prudent step in the entire country to deliver justice to OBC, SC'S and STs.

He added that once caste census would be conducted it would do away with the fuzziness and fluidity around the non dominants caste within the OBCs & ultimately a substantial data reflecting the social reality of India's lessor known precarious groups will be revealed out in the open, he said adding that deciphering the reality of  BJP's dispensation reluctance towardscaste census one can find that it is highly contigent upon it politicals losses.



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