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Tribal sportspersons are exceptional Individuals who deserve recognition for their amazing talent, dedication & ability: Nuzhat Gul

Tribal sportspersons are exceptional Individuals who deserve recognition for their amazing talent, dedication & ability: Nuzhat Gul

Srinagar, Sep 29: While continuing with its concerted efforts of reaching out to the far-flung and tribal areas of the union territory, the Secretary Sports Council Nuzhat Gull toured tribal areas of Dongawari, Manzmo, Gulab-Bagh, Hilar-Shahbaad, Ujru, Wangud, and Khaterchek areas in South Kashmir today.

The visit came as a follow-up to an invitation extended by the tribal delegation from the Gulab-Bagh area located at some distance from Dooru near the old tunnel in Anantnag.

Motivated to curb the drug menace with the means of sports that the area has been battling for a long, the visiting delegation had requested for the continuous engagement of youth under the ambit of My Youth My Pride upon which the Secretary Sports Council had responded in affirmative.

Nuzhat Gull interacted with several local civil society groups from these areas who equivocally pitched the demand for sports infrastructure under the PMDP which was received well by the visiting officer.

Nuzhat said that sportspersons from the tribal areas have a deep connection with nature as they grow up in challenging environments, which hone their skills and make them resilient.

She mentioned that she has closely watched a few players from the tribal areas and they bring a unique passion and energy to their game, making them stand out from others.

She further said that their dedication and discipline are commendable though they lack proper training facilities and resources & despite all these challenges, they put in their full effort and push their limits to achieve success.

The Secretary also emphasized that tribal sportspersons possess a natural talent and instinct for their sport, which sets them apart from others. 

While concluding, Gull said that tribal sportspersons are exceptional individuals who deserve recognition for their amazing talent, dedication, high endurance, and ability to perform under any circumstances.

She also ensured that sports programs under different verticals will be organized in these areas especially under the flagship program of My Youth My Pride to extend the reach of the sports to far-flung areas besides keeping a check on the growing menace of drug addiction among the youth of these areas & she also distributed Cricket kits and Cricket mat on the spot and assured more assistance to the sports persons in future as well.(KNS) RELATED CATEGORIES:CRIMESHARE TWEETRECOMMENDED FOR YOU Secretary Sports Council tours tribal areas in South Kashmir MOST POPULAR



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