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Who to act on Grievance Cell/Nodal Officers in J&K?

Who to act on  Grievance Cell/Nodal Officers in J&K?
S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, Sept 2023: Then Governor of J&K constituted a "GOVERNORS GRIEVANCE CELL" to decide the publics grievances in a time bound  manner & thereafter Govt gone, Governor gone, Governors Rule imposed, UT Constituted, Two Lt Governors transferred but a Grievance bearing numbers 999001100781 & 999001100747 filed on14th March 2019 on a serious public issue were Finally Disposed on 13th July 2021 by Div Com/DC Jammu by quoting some recommendations but with out any final outcome till day by Govt & its actions recommended in final disposal are still in air with no concrete  disposal

It is  again strange on the part of incharge of grievance cell and Nodal Officer of one department that previously one senior JKAS Officer appointed as Nodal Officer working in a crucial & one of the top office of Jammu, finally disposed of one grievance registered in Grievance Cell bearing no. 999004214684 vide no. JMC/Estt/7893 dtd 15.09.2023 .

Pertinent to mention here that the said senior JKAS Officer did not touch any part of words filed in the said grievance but “FINALLY DISPOSED” said serious grievance, which showed question on concerned Nodal Officer that officer did not touch the words mentioned in grievance following which a new grievance was filed on said final disposal bearing No.  999004342552 dtd 22.09.2023 which was enclosed with previous grievance & so called final disposal of the Nodal Officer.

Insiders told that efficiency of the said JKAS Officer being Nodal Officer is now in clouds that again to make information not available, Grievance No 999004342552 dtd 22.09.2023 was “Finally Disposed” on 26th Sept 2023 with a shocking observation like "It does not pertains to our department", whereas the same issue was previously finally disposed by the same  Nodal Officer & was enclosed with the grievance..

Pertinent to mention here that in disposal of one another Grievance registered vide No 999003416805 dtd 7.10.2022, JDA vide no. JDA/Gr cell/572-73 dtd 10.09.2023 said that grievance be treated as complaint against VC/CTP of JDA, speaks of efficiency of JDA as a whole?

Who will act on such issues of useless disposals, is the question ?




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