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Gaurav calls on CS Mehta and discusses issues related to Ghar Mumkin Khad & Industrial sector

  Gaurav calls on CS Mehta and discusses issues related to Ghar Mumkin Khad & Industrial sector

JAMMU, Sep 22:  Gaurav Gupta, Former  General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu, held a meeting today with Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and submitted a memorandum of demands.

During this meeting, Mr Gupta conveyed the concerns and aspirations of the citizens of Jammu regarding various urgent issues affecting the region.

He began by acknowledging the remarkable progress witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir under the leadership of Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha. The region has experienced substantial development in multiple sectors, including infrastructure, healthcare, and education, with transformative projects aimed at enhancing connectivity and economic growth.

However, Mr. Gupta highlighted pressing issues of "Gair Mumkin Khad" land issues. He emphasized the need for a swift response to protect the rights of affected individuals and communities while addressing inaccuracies in land status.

Another critical matter discussed was the timely disbursement of turnover incentives for existing industries in the region. He stressed that the delay in these incentives, due to limited funds, was causing liquidity stress for existing businesses and discouraging potential newcomers from investing in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also laid stress upon expediting ongoing tourism projects in Jammu, particularly the Artificial Lake/Taw Barrage project. He said the government has done a great job in promoting Kahsmir and the need of the hour is to take adequate action to boost tourism in Jammu. He suggested the government make a tourism circuit by connecting all the places having the potential to boost tourism and hold the tourists in the Jammu region.
He reiterated the potential to boost tourism in the region, which could have far-reaching economic benefits.

Lastly, Mr Gupta expressed concern over the proposed hike in power tariffs for industrial units in the region. He requested the Chief Secretary to hold and review this move, emphasizing the importance of supporting the industrial sector's growth and competitiveness as the industrial sector of the Jammu region is in struggling mode.

The Chief Secretary gave a patient hearing to the issues put forth by the former General Secretary of the Chamber and assured to take necessary steps in redressing the same.


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