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New land laws a major step towards progressive development of J&K: Official

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 03: The new land laws are being hailed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir as a major step towards the development and progress of J&K.
The historic initiative of the government is revamping the agriculture and allied sectors besides ensuring holistic development of all sectors.
The J&K Government is constantly working towards creating a modern, efficient, transparent and citizen-friendly UT which protects and safeguards the land.
The new land laws which replaced old laws that existed in the erstwhile state of J&K will also help revamp the agriculture sector, foster rapid industrialisation, aid economic growth and create jobs.
Key amendments were made to four major state laws that governed the ownership, sale, and purchase of land in the erstwhile state. These are The J&K Development Act, 1970, The J&K Land Revenue Act, 1996, The Agrarian Reforms Act, 1976 and The J&K Land Grants Act, 1960.
The designation of land for industrial purposes will open up greater employment avenues for the youth who have always yearned for the industrial revolution in J&K so that they can get better employment opportunities.
According to the new land law, agricultural land can only be sold to an agriculturist and he has been defined as a person who cultivates land personally in the UT. The term ‘agriculture land’ unambiguously is defined to include not just agriculture but horticulture and allied agro-activities as well. The most extensive definition includes not just horticulture but poultry, Animal Husbandry, among others.
While progressive provisions of the repealed laws have been retained by including them in the modified Land Revenue Act, new provisions have been added to modernize existing laws.




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