Shafiq Raina IAS , Who Follows Laws Of His Own In J&K


Parteek Gupta

JAMMU, Jan 03: Common man in India understands that IAS officers are those who are the most intelligent & competent in India.

 CTN has record of some so called IAS & others who are promoted by this way or the other, who do not know the law & its implementations, which shall follow with their workings.

Here is one Shafiq A. Raina, who  has been awarded IAS in state cadre ,working as Secretary CAPD,J&K was entrusted with two RDA as Director, RDD Jammu.

FIR No.49/91 & 11/95 were concluded not proved & recommended for departmental actions in the year 1992 & 1996 followed by reminders up to year 2013. In the meanwhile due to efficient officer’ss pick & choose was adopted with vested considerations some of officers were promoted without outcome of RDA,s recommended by VOJ in same FIR,s 49/91 & 11/95.

It is a matter of great concern that in the year 2014  state made IAS, Farooq A. Peer, then Commissioner/Secretary, RDD for vested considerations vide G. O. No. 41 RD& PR of 2014 dated 03.02.2014 illegally & in violations appointed Shafiq Raina, then Director, RDD as enquiry officer for RDA in 49/91. After sitting on the file more than 260 days Shafiq Raina vide letter dated 27.10.2014 recommend one innocent “Censured”in violations of CCA rules of 1956, Vigilance Court order & Art.20 of constitution of India.

It is to mention here that the said RDA was recommended against officers vide No. CV-FIR-49/1991-J-6303-04 dated 07.12.1992 & CV-FIR-11/1995-J-2979-80 dated 18.04.1996. Reminders were issued to RDD up to 26.11.2014. Strange to write that some of the officers in above RDAs retired on superannuation by inducting into Super time KAS, other to Xen/AEE.

 It proves that GAD ‘s  induction or promotion  without NOC from VOJ is a matter of enquiry. Some officers retire prior to 26.11.2014 but RDA stands against them in FIR 11/95.  One officer Rajesh Gupta, who was exonerated by Vigilance Court order dated 11.01.2005 &Supreme Court order dated 23.1.2015 on same FIRof 49/91 has been censured by Shafiq Raina, IAS, now Secretary CAPD is a matter of great enquiry.

Article 20 says one cannot be waxed twice for one cause of action, which Shafiq Raina did & without giving an opportunity of being heard. How RDA of 22 years back he decided as a god despite not knowing the facts is a question mark on his competence.

It has been reported that Raina was requested for review of his wrong/illegal order of Censure but the big boss not bothered is also on record. The officer promotion was withheld for a long due to illegal act of Shafiq A. Raina is a matter of concern. Shall he be taken to task for illegal act?

Shall some competent authority into the matter look into to detect a harassment/delaying officers & illegal promotion scam of officers without NOC from VOJ in FIR 49/91 & 11/95 prior to communication No. VO-FIR-11/95-J-15134 dated 26.11.2014.

The officers like him are the real dead woods?



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