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Congress lashes at BJP over granting domicile certificates to WPR


JAMMU, Jan 03: Lashing out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over granting domicile certificate to West Pakistan Refugees (WPR), Congress on Wednesday said BJP in power is trying to divide the people on communal lines.

Congress State President G A. Mir, while addressing a press conference here at Circuit house said  “I believe that the party in the power (BJP) is raising issues to divide the society on the communal lines. Issuing domicile certificate to West Pakistani Refugees is one among the issues that was meant to divide the people on communal line.” 

He further said that the Congress party won’t allow the government to divide the people on communal lines. “We as opposition won’t allow them to raise anti-people issues and will fight against the anti-people policies tooth and nail,” he said.

Terming demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes as ‘a scam’, Mir said BJP took these steps to hide their failures.

“Whether it is demonetization or domicile certificate to WRP, BJP adopted these tactics to hide their failures,” he said, adding, BJP is only trying to be in the power and can go to any extend to be in the power.

Mir also criticized the present coalition government for its failure to mitigate the issues of people. “PDP-BJP alliance in the state is also BJP’s policy to be in the power,” he said.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader also said, “Demonetization is a scam while the promises made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue has proved hoax on the ground as not even a single promise was fulfilled with this step,” adding that the demonetization only resulted in the sufferings to the people.

“Demonetization affected the poor section of the society badly while a large number of people also were rendering jobless. It is only a scam and it is for the people now to see that what changed on the ground and what this regime has given to them,” Ahmad added.




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