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Extend best professional assistance to courts to redress grievances: Justice Kotwal to lawyers

JAMMU, NOVEMBER 24: Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) State Judicial Academy today organized oath ceremony, and lecture on ‘Professional Ethics and Conduct’ for newly enrolled Advocates of Jammu province at J&K State Judicial Academy Complex, Jammu.

The ceremony was organized under the guidance of Chief Patron of J&K State Judicial Academy, Justice N. Paul Vasanthakumar, Chief Justice, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Committee of Judges, State Judicial Academy (Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar, Chairman and Justice Janak Raj Kotwal, Member),  Justice Janak Raj Kotwal, Judge, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir (Member Committee, State Judicial Academy) administered oath to the newly enrolled advocates, and newly enrolled advocates subscribed to the oath and received absolute Advocates’ licenses after the oath ceremony. 

The oath ceremony was followed by address on the “Professional Ethics and conduct” delivered by Justice Janak Raj Kotwal. Mr. Kotwal said that the lawyers are most important stakeholder of justice delivery system and therefore, they shall extend their best professional assistance to the courts for redressing the grievances of litigating public and ultimately to ensure social justice. He impressed upon the young lawyers to work hard with honesty, devotion and dedication for the cause of justice. The lawyer is obliged to respect the court and preserve its dignity and reputation, he added.

Earlier, the proceedings were conducted by Abdul Rashid Malik, Director, J&K State Judicial Academy who welcomed Justice Janak Raj Kotwal and newly enrolled advocates and deliberated on the need for oath ceremony and lecture on professional ethics and conduct for the Advocates. 

The speaker informed the newly enrolled advocates that the J&K State Judicial Academy is amongst the leading academies to evolve the practice of administering oath to the newly enrolled advocates. The idea is to sensitize the new sapling about their duties and responsibilities as the profession of lawyer is the profession of service to the society, he said. Besides, he added that there must a relation of confidence between the lawyer and his client.

The proceedings were concluded with vote of thanks by the Director, State Judicial Academy.



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