Jammu Chamber Submits Memorandum To All Party Delegation; Demands Equal Treatment For Jammu , Kashmir & Ladakh

JAMMU, Sep 05:The Delegation of CCI under the Leadership of  Sh. Rakesh Gupta President called on the All Party Delegation led by Sh. Raj Nath Singh, Hon'ble Home Minister of India today at Jammu and Submitted the memorandum , demanding various points related for flourshing  businesses in Jammu & Kashmir

The content of full memorandum are:


"First of all a big Thanks to the Government of India for sending an All Party Delegation to our state . We would like to mention the below for your kind consideration and necessary early action:


Role of  Political Parties as Opposition


That , Jammu & Kashmir is a sensitive state and what all is happening today has a history of non deliverance by various political parties since decades.


That , with folded hands we request one and all not to utter any such words or issue statements that add fuel to fire which most people have been doing till now.


That , we question the majority of political parties in opposition in India as to why they did not condole and condemn the attacks on our security forces and the deaths of soldiers.


That , there is no space for playing politics in J&K State and we request all the political parties to help restore normalcy in our state and play a positive role.


That , Politics has degraded and stooped so low that majority of politicians have tried to worsen the situation rather then helping to contain them moreso even the State President and Gen Secy of the BJP Sat Sharma and Narinder Singh on Aug 19 at a Press Meet tried to mis lead the people of Jammu terming that Chamber of Commerce Jammu is working against the interests of the State.


That , we condemn the statement of Dr. Karan Singh demanding the imposition of Governor rule in the state and we question him as to what good has he done for the people of the state which was most loved and taken care of well by his Father and forefathers.




That , Article 370 has been  used as a weapon to harras the state subjects in J&K state rather that protect and safeguard their interests.


That, hardly any public servant or a politican has been prosecuted or punished in the history of investigations done by the state Vigilance departments and a huge amount of money of the Indian State has been swindled. We request the GOI to issue necessary orders to allow any Indian Investigating Agencies to probe the matters of financial irregularities as most of the funds being used in our state are part of assistance being provided by the GOI.




That , the law enforcing agencies have failed to implement the laws.

That , how can the Mosques in the state of J&K be allowed to use the PA systems to make announcements to wage war against the Indian State and attack the security forces.


That , how have the law enforcing agencies allowed the settlement of lacs of Bangladesh and other country nationals in our state.




That , during the turmoil just Kashmir division all the works in the Secretrait have come to a stand still. We are not in favour of Trifurcation but if the administration cant control the situations and deliver whats choice will the Jammu people be left with and why should people of Ladakh and Jammu suffer who have always stood by the Nation


That , we demand a permanent camp office of the secretrait in Jammu as even the people from Kashmir feel safe to come to Jammu.




That, The strength of the security forces is not enough to contain the situations when mobs go out of control. We request the GOI to deploy additional Central forces on permanent basis in J&K State.


That , thousand of security personals have been posted as PSO’s with politicians who do not face any security threat hence the system need to be screened.




That , joint delegations in the past have visited on many occasions of unrest but their recommendations were never implemented which have resulted in the turmoil again.


That , the ruling coilation BJP and the PDP should implement their Agenda of Alliance so that the aspirations of the 3 regions of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh are fulfilled.


That , the Political opposition parties should stop making comments terming the present Alliance of the rulling parties in the state as unholy. We question them if they had not made alliance then the major mandate of one of the regions would have been defeated.


We would like to bring to your kind notice that due to the Disturbance in Kashmir region the Trade & Industrial Sector of Jammu has suffered immense losses. It is very sorry to say that Administration was not able to handle the situation properly resulting in prolonged Hartals and Curfew in Kashmir region.


Due to this situation, the Manufacturing Industry, Tourism Industry, Transport Industry and above all the Trade of Jammu region became one of the worst suffering huge losses that even the Govt. cannot compensate it in full. Practically speaking the Trade & Industry of Jammu suffered immensely for last 2 Months and further after normalcy it will take another 2-3 Months time more to revive.


Ø  During the months of turmoil in Kashmir ,all the banks and financial institutions in the valley were closed and there was no outstanding payments flow from Kashmir due to which the industries suffered huge production & Working Capital and cash flow losses.


Ø  Post Offices & Courier services remained suspended during this period.


Ø  Perishable materials etc., got damaged due to which our traders suffered huge losses


Ø  Loss of Market, Government commitments has severely affected the viability & Credit Rating.


Ø  Inventories  of trade and industry were blocked as this was the  peak season for Srinagar & Leh due to which cash credit limits were exhausted resulting into higher bank charges and interest.


During this hour of crisis we expect that our Central and State Governments should come forward to the rescue of the Trade &Industry and save us before we are totally crippled. The Production and Cash losses are huge.

Suggestions for package of financial assistance to compensate losses of Trade & Industrial Sector of Jammu Division during Kashmir agitation.

Ø  Waiver of Bank interest on Term Loans, Commercial Vehiles Loans & Cash Credit facilities for the months of July – September 2016.


Ø  Bank installments of the Term Loan for the financial quarter July-September should be rescheduled for all.


Ø  No Account should be declared NPA during this period till the economy is revived ,since there is a RBI norm of 90 days for any repayments and after that bank declares the account NPA, this should be relaxed.

Ø  Soft Loans should be provided to all if needed, since Maximum Trade & Industry is  facing Financial Crunch due to Complete Stoppage of Financial Transitions across the State.

Ø  Salary & wages which have been paid in cash by the during this period should be reimbursed.


Ø  Power bills for the period be exempted/adjusted.


 Few Points to be Taken By Govt. Of India


Ø  No Pressure of IDS Scheme be imposed upon people of Just Jammu, just to achieve the fixed targets given by Central Govt.

 Ø  The annual targets given to states for Income Tax collections should be proportionate among three regions as per collections and contribution made by each region and no such burden for achieving the targets be imposed on Jammu region at any cost. The Govt can get the data as how much Jammu region contributes to the nation.

 Ø  Incentives already available from Central & State Govts. To be continued in GST Regime.


Ø  Income Tax Exemption be extended to all working units.

 Ø  Freight Subsidy for sale of finished goods upto Delhi should be allowed for Industrial Units as well as Trade Sector.


Ø  Mother Industry such as Rail Coach factory may be sanctioned for Jammu Region to encourage ancillarization of major units and create new jobs.

 Ø  Opening of Inland Container Depot (ICD) at Jammu with rail connectivity should be sanctioned immediately.


Ø  Up gradation of Existing Jammu Airport to International Status .


 Ø  Starting of Shatabdi Express up to Delhi and Chandigarh and Metro/ Monorail in Jammu.


Ø  Freight Subsidy from ICD to Port for Import/Export of commodities.


Ø  Exemption of Import Duty on Raw Materials purchased by SMEs.


Ø  Special Additional Duty draw back on Exports by J&K Industrial units.


Ø  Waiver of Export Obligation under EPCG scheme for Existing/New IPs.


Ø  Barter System of LOC Trade be immediately replaced by Banking system  to avoid illegal Transactions/unhealthy competition and review of List of Items depending on demand & supply with EC codes. 


Ø  Advance Income Tax deposit date for 2nd installment be extended by 3 months in the state.


Ø  The date for  Filing of audited Income Tax returns on September 30 be extended upto March 2017


Ø  All central schemes should be equally divided for the State of Jammu , Kashmir & Ladakh proportionately.


Ø  Compensations already agreed upon by the then State Govt during 2008 turmoil ,for the trade and Industry should be implemented immediately as Jammu region cannot suffer more burden


Ø  New capital infrastructure development projects should be immediately sanctioned for Jammu to generate employment in Pvt Sector.


Ø  Monetary Assistance under UDAAN should be increased as the assistance given to the students are not sufficient to cope up with."



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