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Sound Cannons, Chilli Grenades &Pepper guns to replace Pellets in Kashmir

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JAMMU, Aug 16:  Army has recommended replacing pellet guns used by paramilitary forces and state police for dispersing protestors in Kashmir with less lethal weapons such as sound cannons, pepper shotguns and chilli grenades.

Northern Army commander Lieutenant General DS Hooda said that the recommendation was made to a Centre-appointed committee reviewing the use of pellet guns during month-long protests across Kashmir after the killing of a militant leader there, reports said.

Sonic cannons,  emit ultra-high frequency blasts that trigger ear-splitting sound to disperse mobs. Pepper guns fire plastic shells packed with pepper that explode on contact causing severe eye, nose and throat irritation.Chilli grenades, developed by India’s military scientists, can cause more intense physical discomfort than pepper guns. 


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