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Let Legislative Assembly take notice of swindled public money in Gurez and Bandipore: PDP MLA



Srinagar, June  10: Demanding cognizance of swindled public money in Gurez, from Legislative Assembly PDP leader and former MLA Gurez Faqir Mohammad Khan has said that  NHPC has provided 250 Crores Rehabilitation plan for effectees of Kishen Ganga hydel Project.

He said most of the available money was swindled by influenced people through forged Revenue Records and at various occasions demand for probe was made to book the culprits involved in the mass scam.

Khan said consequent to the public ire, some cases of fraud have been unearthed and three such individuals with forged revenue record for compensation have   been asked to deposit the drawn amount back and the recovery proceedings was  initiated vide govt, Order No : SDMG/2012/1479 , dated : 09.08.2012. but still these culprits having political backing  are evading government orders and even the officials from Revenue department are shielding such elements.

Khan  appealed  to the  legislators of conscience to raise a voice in assembly so that each case of fraud is unearthed and culprits are booked.



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