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Bhim Singh 's son who is contesting London Mayor's election describes himself as "Maharaja of J&K"

Jammu and Kashmir Bank

LONDON, May 06: Ankit Love, 32 , song of J&K Politican Bhim Singh is the youngest candidate running for Mayor of London.

Ankit grew up in Surrey in UK and is the son of Jammu and Kashmir Nation Panthers Party member Bhim Singh.

As per reports Ankit in his Linkedin profile  describes himself as a music artiste, filmmaker and founder of Ankit Love Productions. His profile also describes him as "His Highness The Emperor (Maharaja), Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir."

Ankit's documentary Runners and short film Whale! had premiered at the Canned Film Festival in 2012.

Along with hisfriend e Finn Grant, Ankit reportedly set up his 'One Love Party' a year ago  to spread the message of peace for all mankind.

Ankit was born in 1983 and  claimed that his mother named him Love with the hope that we would bring peace to the region. He reprtedly moved to the UK in 1989 for security reasons because of his family's political engagements. (Inputs from Agencies)



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