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J&K Special:: One Department and Many Corrupt actions

Parteek Mahajan

JAMMU, Apr 20: MNEREGA scam has been detected by Vigilance regarding fabricated job cards of dead ones, Govt. employees & minors etc. Hon’ble Courts had also intervened into the matter & ceased the drawing & disbursing powers of some of BDOs in Doda District. SVC recently directed Vigilance for registration of case in  embezzlement in Govt. funds in block Qimoh, distt. Kulgam. There are other so many such like cases in the department.

It is pertinent to mention here that recently RDD has fixed the labour rate @ Rs.174/day. It means that muster sheets should have been framed for the works to show man days generated @ Rs.174/day. It is a matter of great concern to be looked into by some agency to detect the man days generated scam by viewing the fact that in the market labour is available @ Rs 325-350/day than it is a proved fraud case of showing only in papers excess man days generated by the officers of RDD to get more funds from GOI is a matter of great concern.

Also  received a story of departmental actions on FIR-49/91 & 11/95, which were referred to RDD by VOJ vide No. CV-FIR-49/91-J-6303-04 dated 07.12.1992 & CV-FIR-11/95-J-2979-80 dated 18.04.1996 followed by lot of reminders up to 2013 but no actions. It is pertinent to mention here that during the period one officer retired/promoted as Additional Deputy Commissioner, One KAS, one is promoted as Xen.who at that time was AE. & some others without departmental actions.

 It is a matter of great concern to be looked into that how these officers involved in DA has been promoted without DA. Very strange to mention here that after 22 years just to harass one officer of RDD, Farooq Peer(IAS) then Commissioner, RDD issued order for DA in both FIR’s.

Very shocking to write here that Director, the enquiry officer only recommended punishment to one officer out of 7 officers, after sitting on the case for 7-8 months. Very interesting that the punishment of “Censure” was imposed to one officer without hearing him in violation of CCA rules of 1956. It has also been noticed that the single man out malafiedly made request for review/appeal but the big bosses of RDD NOT BOTHERED FOR CCA RULES OF 1956, SPEAKS OFTHEIR VESTED CONSIDERATIONS/malafiedies over CCA Rules

It has been also reported that VOJ vide dated 25.11.2015 again communicated to RDD big bosses for ATR  of other 6 officers but nothing can be done now as some have retired on superannuation since long, but how promoted without ATR. How their vigilance clearance managed shall detect a scam? It is also a matter of great enquiry to be looked into the departmental actions/ATR of the above said FIR’s to see the efficiency/ malafidies of the state recommended/awarded IAS officers like Farooq Peer(IAS), Shafat Noor(IAS), Khursheed A.Shah(IAS), as 7 were involved in communications/FIR but DA against only one officer& after 22 years against one & not others in the said FIR’s. This clearly speaks that how intelligent are the IAS awarded /recommended by the state as none of them bothered to see that out of 7 officers for DA selected only one of their choice proves the malafiedies against one officer only a matter of enquiry but who will do it.            

 It has been also reported that present Secretary, RDD  not bothered to reply the enquiry conducted by  Hon’ble Governor for violation of cabinet order for filling up both the posts of SE, REW, whereas Cabinet Decision No. 11/8 of 2003 sanctioned one for PWD & one for REW. JK Business rules in second schedule in S.No. 26 speaks that Cabinet Decision can be changed by Cabinet only but here the Secretary over ruled JK Business rules





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