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Four of a family died in Doda due to Fire


DODA, March 01: Four members of a family, including a toddler died on  Tuesday morning  after their hut caught fire in Gadan village  in the Doda district.

The deceased have been identified as Ab Rasheed S/o Rusla Butt (55), his wife Fata Begum, 50, daughter-in-law Mubeena, 22 and his seven-month old grand daughter.

Several cattle were also burnt alive in the devastating fire that engulfed their hut at 4:30 am.

Villagers tried their best  but could’t help as the entire hut was made of dry wood.

As per reports  the owner had dumped dry fodder near his house for cattle and that it might have caught fire from the unextinguished fire place used for cooking.



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