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Key Points of Railway Budget 2016

key points of Railway budget 2016


The key points of Railway Budget 2016 are :

  • Four special trains announced: Hamsafar-fully 3rd AC, Tejas-fast trains with on-board entertainment; Uday- double decker trains; Antyodaya Express- long distance superfast train for unreserved passengers.
  • All-India 24X7 helpline for women
  • Overnight ‘Uday’ double-decker trains soon: Prabhu
  • Antyodaya Express long-distance superfast train for unreserved passengers.
  • Half of lower berths reserved for senior citizens
  • Fully unreserved superfast trains coming on heavy traffic routes
  • Aastha Circuit Trains to connect important Pilgrim Centres
  • Integrating all issues under two mobile apps- one for ticketing other for grievances
  • All new Railway stations to be built as per Accessible India guidelines
  • IRTC will begin to manage catering in a phased manner, local cuisine of choice will be made available.
  • E-booking on concession passes for journalists to be introduced, says Suresh Prabhu
  • All stations will be brought under CCTV surveillance: Suresh Prabhu
  • Adoption and dissemination of latest tech is the way forward to a zero accident system
  • All major stations to be brought under CCTV surveillance in a phased manner: Prabhu
  • 17000 biotoilets and add’l toilets in 475 stations before close of this financial year.
  • No barrier today between a common passenger and Indian Railways: Suresh Prabhu citing outreach to improve customer services.
  • Social media has been used for feedback and complaints redressal mechanism
  • Northeast India especially Mizoram and Manipur to be connected through broad gauge soon
  • New locomotive factories to be set up with an order book of 40,000 crore rupees:
  • 8.5 lakh crore to spent over 5 years for modernization of railway infrastructure: Suresh Prabhu
  • Propose to electrify 2000 km next year, increased electrification budget by 50%: Suresh Prabhu
  • New way of funding projects introduced using institutional financing
  • Happy to announce action has been initiated on 139 Rail Budget 2015 announcements
  • Indian Railways will generate employment of 14 crore man-days in 2018-’19: Suresh Prabhu
  • Changed metric from completion to commissioning
  • A system capable of taking care of its own needs financially and otherwise.
  • Every rupee investment in Indian Railways can impact economic output in the larger economy by a factor of 5
  • We will be at the forefront of infrastructure investment in the country.
  • 1.21 lakh crores capital plan in Rail Budget 2016 : Suresh Prabhu, shunning conventional approach and adopting new ways: Suresh Prabhu
  • A saving of 8,720 crore rupees for budget estimates of last year will be effected this year: Suresh Prabhu
  • Co-operation, collaboration and communication, hallmarks of Indian Railways’s journey forward: Suresh Prabhu
  • We need to reimagine the conventional ways of solving issues: Suresh Prabhu in Rail Budget 2016 speech.
  • We need to reorganize and rejuvenate Indian Railways: Suresh Prabhu (ABP News)



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