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Editorial: It is not easy to  “Move on”  in Life ; But Your mind can maneuver moves for you

S. Sidartha Paramedical Training Institute, Sunjwan, Jammu


Rahil Gupta

The pace in Life is all important ingredient in any field you choose upon , Any age group you belong to , Life keep on  asking you to maintain the pace , the audacity and the growth.

It is so easy to get tired , to loose hope and to ask yourself a question : Do I belong to this highly-competitive place? , where answer lies deep  beyond your soul and mind.

There are two movements which ask you to get the thought process aligned with the nature orientation, One is your brain and second is the command. You may never have control over your brain but if you can command your brain towards the path , chances are there you will get brain in shape for you.

You need to believe in the environment , World  and more importantly in yourself. The believe is the driving force for you when the chips are down or you want to move away.

The command to Brain can give you a positive mind which can maneuver moves for you , even in most difficult of times and thus taking you to the path which will be always RIGHT!!!!!



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