“Satake Lagao Item No. 46" :: Town Planning Organization, Jammu, A Harassment Organization


“Satake Lagao Item No. 46"“Satake Lagao Item No. 46: Town Planning Organization, Jammu, a harassment organization:: Town Planning Organization, Jammu, a harassment organization

JAMMU, Aug 06:Who is the competent authority in the state to see the illful/willful acts of the officers of  Town Planning Organization, Jammu who are burdening the selected innocents with for the reasons known to them. Vide Government approval conveyed vide No.LSG(J)139/210 dated  0I.09.2011, Town Planning Organization was also directed to issue their NOC for sanctioning of plans for construction in the jurisdiction of JMC/JDA/Others within a period of three weeks otherwise it shall be deemed as NOC.It is a matter of great concern to publicize here that there are full-fledged wings of Senior Town Planners in JMC/JDA, who are competent enough to see the rules framed by the Govt. for setbacks required as per the guidelines for a particular size of buildings along with land use as prescribed. It could not be understood that if full-fledged wings of Town Planning are working in JMC/JDA, why the plans are sent to CTP, TPO for the same NOC. It clearly speaks that Government itself wants that applicants should run to more offices. Building operation Regulation of 1988 speaks that plans for constructions should be deemed as sanctioned after 60 days after submission, if no any communication is received from the officer from the date of submission of the application. Building Bye Laws of 2011 speaks that if no NOC is received from the allied departments within three weeks, it should be deemed as NOC of the concerned department. Public Service Guarantee Act of 2011 speaks to issuance of NOC for construction within thirty days but no officer bothers for.It is to see that these numbers of plans are still waiting for their NOC in office of the CTP.

Plans submitted by JMC w.e.f. 1.08.2014              Plans till date waiting for NOC of CTP              .                            953                                                                       126

It is very sad affair of the fact that no officer of concerned departments bother for the orders passed by the Govt. for sanction of plans for sanction in the prescribed time frame by the Govt. speaks that how such big bosses are bothering for the Govt. orders needed to be enquired by the high level committee otherwise sanction in time would bring crore of rupee as fee.                                                                                                                                                                            

It is also a matter of great concern to write as per the documentary proof provided by an applicant to see that present CTP of Town Planning Organization, Jammu Sr. Joginder Singh who as STP, Jammu Development Authority, did not imposed the condition of NOC from UTEIC at that time on a plan with submit No. -- in May, 2013 for 3 Kanal plot & put the plan online for the NOC’s from the required departments but for  plot of 1 Kanal 19 Marla, of same applicant communicated to IG, Jammu, IG, Traffic, S.E.PWD, Commissioner, JMC & Vice Chairman, Jammu Development Authority for UTEIC, NOC’s . It clearly speaks of his double policy of his choice. He would have communicated back to JDA that the said plan don’t falls under the preview of UTEIC, otherwise clearly speaks about the vested interests of the said officer. However the applicant got NOC’s from all the concerned. Is it permissible under Law that violation of Govt. order dated 14-08-2001 can only be imposed on applicant of one’s choice?

It is also pertinent to mention here that Chief Town Planner of Town Planning Organization Jammu is the Member Secretary of the team of the UTEIC headed by Divisional Commissioner. It is felt very urgent need of the day to enquire that while providing online NOC for the commercial buildings, during his tenure as STP/CTP the norms mentioned in the order dated 14-08-2001 were followed by him/others or pick & choose by the said officers. It is needed to be enquired about to save innocents in near futurefrom such illegal actions of the said officer in violation of the order dated 14-08-2001. Let us see what is UTEIC, NOC. Govt. issued an order vide Govt. order No. 190 HUD of 2001 dated 14-08-2001 in which an committee was framed headed by the Divisional Commissioner of the said province. The said NOC is required for the commercial buildings like Cinema Halls, Commercial Complex etc. which are on the national Highway or in the nearby vicinity where the density of traffic is too high. .                      The part of said Govt. order speaks as under:- 2) To consider & examine cases relating to permission for construction of Traffic Generating Buildings such as…………….near or in the immediate vicinity of main roads having high density of traffic..                   It is a matter of great concern to mention here that the Senior Town planners of the said organizations are imposing the condition of the said NOC on selected ones of their choice for vested reasons in violation of the said Govt. order& lot of others made free from the said NOC. It is also to mention UTEIC, NOC’s are needed to be called from the applicants, where density of traffic is negligible but opposite to the site of the applicant big constructions are constructed without NOC from UTEIC/Sanctioned Plans, but who bothers.Is somebody?

It is pertinent to mention here that one plan sanctioned by JMC dated 04/2015 for which, the said CTP has issued his NOC for 6 no. of vehicles in a length of 46 feet i.e. less than 8feet width for one vehicle for a commercial complex in basement. Whereas the commercial area comprising of basement plus up to 2nd floor 5400 sft. has been accorded NOC without NOC from UTEIC by the same CTP of TPO.Which is in clear violation of land use & Municipal Bye Laws of 2011. It is also to mention the said NOC issued with 11 vehicles in basement for a plan of commercial/Residential. In a RTI reply to an applicant, PIO, JDA replied that all commercial buildings are to send for NOC from UTEIC, which is in contradiction to Govt. order but no action no actions by the HOD for providing wrong information. It is pertinent to mention here that in RTI reply in Ist Appeal, it was also provided with a list of 27 No. of commercial complexes, where no NOC from UTEIC has been called for in last 5 years sanctions butcommercial plans had been sanctioned by Jammu Development Authority needed to be enquired by a high level committee, which clearly speaks of a big scam of corruption. However, the applicant had served one RTI to TPO/JMC for details of commercial building plans sanctioned without NOC from UTEIC, which shall bring the vested interests of the officers in the public in the next edition. Shall chairman of UTEIC, Divisional Commissioner, Jammu look in to it to relief the innocents?











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