J&K Panthers Party Chief's Son Ankit Love Says He Returned To India As Prime Minister Of India Candidate

LONDON, August 8:  Ankit Love, rapper and war-time political leader, returns to India from London for the first time in seven years as Prime Minister of India Candidate. Love is scheduled to land in New Delhi on August 9, aboard an Aeroflot flight via Moscow, Russia. Love, a trained artist by the Californian Institute of the Arts, was sent to London, GB in 1989 for security reasons. Love had faced severe threat to his life since his birth on August 7, 1983, due to the Islamic terrorist insurgencies funded by the MI6 & CIA’s Operation Cyclone in the war for Jammu and Kashmir, today the world’s largest and most militarized zone, and also from the then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi had rigged the 1988 Udhampur by-election for Indian parliament against Love’s father, Prof. Bhim Singh despite him wining by a landslide. Previously in 1985 Rajiv Gandhi had ordered the abduction and assassination of Love’s father by the police, despite Prof. Bhim being an elected member of the Jammu and Kashmir government. Prof. Bhim Singh was only saved and released from his false imprisonment by the intervention of Ankit Love’s mother Jay Mala, an undefeated and senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India.

Ankit Love is now contesting two seats in the 2019 Indian General Election on his revolutionary techno-progressive manifesto. Love is contesting for Member of Indian Parliament from his brith town New Delhi, India. He is also simultaneously contesting from his family’s ancestral home in Rajasthan. There Love is standing from the Great Indian Desert seat of Barmer, with a dream to build the world’s largest solar power station in the desert that will power all India and Pakistan with clean renewable energy. Love has a dream to reunite India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to end the real potential of a nuclear war for Jammu and Kashmir that according to scientists would instantly destroy the ozone layer and kill 2 billion people marking the end of human civilization.

Energy security and sovereignty for India are of particular importance for Ankit Love, as his prime policy is to end the ignored and invisible Air Pollution Genocide that according to the World Health Organization, kills over 7 million people globally each year. Making the Air Pollution Genocide a bigger killer than malaria and HIV/AIDs combined. According to the World Bank, the Air Pollution Genocide creates a colossal economic deficit of $5.1 trillion each year for the world economy.

Further Love is concerned about the grave and decades long corruption that has surrounded the dependence on oil and gas imports by India, which in 1991 resulted in the nation going bankrupt after the collapse of the Soviet Union and forced it to follow the Washington DC based IMF dictate in order to receive bailout money. Ankit Love’s solar and hydrogen fuel energy revolution will end political leaders compromising their values and doing business with unsavoury regimes such as Saudi Arabia for oil and gas deals and make India truly independent for very first time. Love is especially concerned by energy corruption as Saudi Arabia has been the long time principal financier of Islamic terrorism in Love’s war-torn home state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Through his Barmer solar power station, Ankit Love will end India’s dependence on the all oil dependent state sponsors of terrorism such as Saudi Arabia and Brunei. Love will immediately shut the embassies of all terror funding nations in New Delhi, and take a zero tolerance stance towards all nations and businesses involved with financing of terrorism.

As both a technocrat and fashionista having worked at the highest echelons of the fashion and app industries, Ankit Love will end homelessness in India. Applying recent cost efficient breakthroughs in modular construction technology Ankit Love will give every citizen of India a desirable new home by age 16. Love in order to progress India’s democracy will lower the voting age to 16. Love will eradicate poverty in India by the systematic introduction of universal state income for all Indian citizens when they turn 16, while simultaneously increasing production, GDP and lowering inflation by applying breakthrough in AI and robotics technology. Love will do this to allow all citizens of India greater freedom, liberty and independence in pursuing their lives and dreams as emphasised and enshrined by the secular constitution of India.

Ankit Love will legalize and control all drugs including LSD, in India in order to end violent gang crime, human trafficking, provide stigma free therapy to addicts, and cut another major source of income to terrorists.


Ankit Love will ramp India’s space program to protect the Earth from apocalyptic asteroid impacts and mine asteroids. He will send the first woman to Mars carrying the Indian flag by 2027, firmly establishing India’s status as the world’s most eminent and advanced superpower.



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