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Amid huge protest in Jammu, Lal Singh clarifies stand


Lal Singh clarifies stand on AIIMS

JAMMU, Aug 01: Facing huge  protests over demands for a separate AIIMS in Jammu, Health minister Lal Singh  said that both the Jammu and Kashmir regions will get similar institutes even as he accused the opposition of misleading the people on the issue. Singh said, "You cannot fool the people of Jammu region. As far as facilities of AIIMS are concerned, you know there is one AIIMS, it cannot be divided. If four streams are for Kashmir, same will be for Jammu. It is very clear. If there would be eight surgeons in Kashmir, it will be eight surgeons in Jammu. They are creating confusion for the sake of agitation, not for the benefit of the people of Jammu.

AIIMS Coordination CommitteeWe  demands a full AIIMS for Jammu and not a branch.AIIMS Coordantion Commiittee also said that attack on AIIMS protesters by ruling party activist is showing their frustration of not getting AIIIMS for Jammu in stipulated time.




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