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GOI directs officers to attend office at 9 AM sharp

GOI directs officers to attend office at 9 AM sharp

New Delhii, June 22: The Department of Personnel and Training has issued instructions to employees including senior officers across the country to reach office maximum by 9.15 AM and mark their attendance, order copy with CTN further reads as under:-

They have been asked to reach office at 9 AM and have been given a grace period of fifteen minutes to mark the attendance.

All the employees including officers have been told to use the biometric attendance system.

They have been instructed that half-day casual leave will be deducted in case they do not reach office by 9.15 AM.

"For any reason, if the employee is not able to attend office on a particular day, it should be informed in advance and casual leave should be applied for," the circular issued by Manoj Dewedi, AS, DoPT said.

The officers have been asked to monitor the attendance and punctuality of all employees in their section.



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