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One more case of harassment by Patnitop Dev Authority?

One more case of harassment by Patnitop Dev Authority?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, June 17: Patnitop Dev Authority is notorious in various issues causing harassments to innocents & benefits to blue eyed following which CBI has cracked down on PDA.

It is to mention here that LG is the Chairman of the said Authority & Govt always speaks to enhance tourism in JKUT but PDA is lacking behind in various issues like stopping further developments in the jurisdiction of PDA as notification of revised Master Plan is hanging in fire due to lot wrongs done in that & till day Bye Laws of Master Plan of 2000 are being followed due to involvement of two departments? Otherwise it is clear cut violation & non compliance of Development Act of 1970 & needed to be acted upon.

Lot of constructions/addition/alterations on even main road hve been allowed by PDA bosses but who are requesting for development of plot in a legal way are being harassed for the reasons best known to PDA Authorities, needed to be acted upon.

Once upon a time an applicant applied for "Development of a Plot" in a prescribed proforma of PDA but PDA boss of the time for the said case forwarded it to Town Planner & Tehsildar Cheneni vide letter dtd. 21.10.2022 with subject "Development of Plot" & both officers accordingly reported the facts to CEO, PDA.

But, strange, despite countless verbal request, applicant never get the permission for development of plot but PDA bosses allowed other constructions/addition/alterations etc etc in jurisdiction of PDA without any permission raised a question on their integrity?

However, just one week back, applicant with some personal efforts got the copy of so called permission of said plot which stands issued by CEO vide order dtd 08.12.2022 but speaks that it was put in cold store of PDA because applicant never got the said order since more than 30 months.

Strange to mention here that applicant submitted the desired form of PDA costing Rs 100 for development of plot, thereafter CEO forwarded the case for development of plot but permission granted for barbard wire fencing, which already existed on spot, no doubt proved open incompetence on the part of the said officers & needed to be acted upon  vested consideration by enquiring that how many such fencing have been done with PDA's permission by paying requisite fee, which applicant has paid.

However, communication copies with CTN, which speaks the truth, reads as under:-

Screenshot_20240617-162543_OneDrive.jpgScreenshot_20240617-163014_OneDrive.jpgScreenshot_20240617-162905_OneDrive (1).jpgScreenshot_20240617-162905_OneDrive.jpgScreenshot_20240608-200302_WhatsApp.jpg



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