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JK Govt deprives Gujjars, Bakerwals, and Nomads of basic right: G.A. Mir


SRINAGAR , Mar 16 : J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir today said that government is adopting half-hearted approach about the wellbeing of   Gujjars, Bakerwals and Nomads depriving them of the facilities they are entitled such as mobile school facility, electricity, water supply, BPL status and old age pension.


He said that the Govt has forgotten the Gujjars, Bakerwals, Nomads in every respect, G.A. Mir described the present dispensation as anti-backward, asked the Govt to change its attitude towards the poor and backward classes living in the State. He said one wonders as to why the Govt is not serious about the plight of the backward sections of the State.


He said these backward communities are being pushed towards darkness under a well-planned strategy, depriving people, particularly backward class, of their basic rights merely on political lines is highly objectionable and condemnable and the Govt needs to change its policies towards them.


He added the Congress Party alone has taken various revolutionary steps for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden sections of the State besides ensuring various centrally sponsored schemes for Gujjar Bakerwal and Nomads, but one fails to understand why the approach of present dispensation is callous about the wellbeing of these poor classes.


Mir warned the Govt of serious consequences while saying that if it fails to change its attitude towards these poor classes and urged upon to take effective measures to ensure mobile School facility, Water Supply, BPL status, old age pension and others facilities to these backward classes of the State, on priority basis. (PTK)



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