Commissioner, Revenue Openly Violates Transfer Policy Of 2010 ? Shall Governor Act For Non Compliance?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, Jan 10:  Cross Town is known for only concern of peoples & publicizing illagalities committed by big bosses with facts & figures every time.

It is a matter of great concern to publicize here that day before yesterday, Commissioner/Secretary showed his concern over the violation of transfer policy of 2010 by Deputy Commissioner, Jammu in transfers of Patwaries.

Pertinent to mention here that under delegation of powers of transfers issued by Revenue Department, transfer of Patwaries very much come under the domain of Deputy Commissioner but generally it has been noticed that the said Commssioner had made so many transfers of Patwaries on his own in violations, which speaks of his vested considerations in open.

The Communication of Commissioner adressed to FC(R) in which Commissioner had shown his displeasure on four premature transfers of Patwaries out of which two of Chowadhi had clashed with his vested considerations in case of order of one Patwari  namely Mohhammad Sayed, which was issued by him vide G.O.No.147-Rev(NG) of 2018 dated 27.04.2018 read with Govt order dated 27.12.2018 & ordered for kept in abeyance for other four incumbants raises a question on the part of Commissioner.

Cross Town News had details of lot of violations made by Commissioner, Revenue in violation of transfer policy of 2010 of which he is pin pointing the Deputy Commissioner, Jammu despite DC got the approval from the Financial Commissioner(R) though he was empowered to transfer Patwaries.

The following are few transfer orders of Tehsildars, which had been issued by the said so called  competant Commissioner, who raised a finger over FC(R) & Deputy Commissioner, Jammu over the transfer of Patwaries:-

1. Farooq Khan, Tehsildar was transferred from JDA to Bahu prematurally vide order dated Feb.2018 & thereafter again after seven months he was transferred to Meira Manderian vide G.O.No. 159-Rev of 2018 dated: September,2018 in violation of transfer policy of 2010 of whicvh he is talking of.

2. Raes Ahmad Bhat, Tehsildar was transferred to Kellar vide G.O.No. 111-Rev of 2018 dated: 27.04.2018, thereafter transferred to Dooru vide G.O.No. 142-RevGez) of 2018 dated: 2.8.2018 followed to Budgam vide G.O.No. 159-Rev(Gez) of 2018 dated: 10.09.2018 i.e. three transfers of the concerned Tehsildar in five months in open violation of transfer policy of 2010 speaks of his vested considerations.

3. Nayem Iqbal Sheikh, Tehsildar, who was transferred to Kastigarh was again transferred to Regional Director, S&LR, Doda vide G.O.No. 120-Rev(G) of 2018 dated: 7.6.2018.

4. Avtar Singh Lakhanpuria, Tehsildar under transfer to Basoli was again transferred to Hiranagar vide G.O.No. 113-Rev of 2018 dated: 7.05.2018.

5. Vikas Anand, Tehsildar was transferred as Tehsildar, Beri Pattan vide G.O.No. 111-Rev of 2018 dated: 27.04.2018 was again transferred to Relief Organization, Jammu vide Govt order No. 159-Rev(G) of 2018 dated 10.09.2018

6. Amit Upadhya I/C Tehsildar Beripaatan to look after Nagrota vide G.O.No. 89-Rev(G) of 2018 dated 06.04.2018 but after eleven days attached with Div Com Jammu vide G.O.No. 92-Rev(G) of 2018 dated: 17.04.2018 & Rajesh Kumar,Tehsildar who was transferred to Thakrakot was asked to continue as Tehsildar, Nagrota speaks of Commissioners vested considerations.

7. Ram Pal, Tehsildar Vijay pur was transferred to Relief Org, Jammu vide G.O.No 110-Rev of 2018 dated27.04.2018 but again after five months vide G.O.No 167-Rev of 2018 dated 28.09.2018 he was transferred to Nagrota raises a question mark on competance of Commissioner.

8. Imtiyaz A. Baddo, Tehsildar, Training Institute Srinagar was transferred to Shahbad vide G.O.No  143-Rev of 2018 dated 6.8.2018 was again transferred as ACEO vide G.O.No 159-Rev of 2018 dated 10.09.2018 speaks of transfer policy by the Commissioner.

These few above orders issued by the said Commissioner clearly speaks of his vested considerations as he had openly violated the so called transfer policy issued by Govt & in case of small transfers of Patwaries he speaks of violation of transfer policy of 2010.

Shall Governor/ Chief Secretary/Anti Corruption Bureau act on Commissioner, Revenue for his illegal acts for violating the orders issued by the Govt under transfer policy of 2010 as mentioned above with proof ?

It shall follow......



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